Hollywood Filmmaking Camp




Key Skills

Special Effects Video Editing Green Screen
Sound Effects Directing Teamwork
Give your child a strong foundation in the principles of filmmaking with this three-day Filmmaking Camp!
NOTE: An iPad is required for this camp, if you do not own one, a rent option will be available upon purchase.





Each day, a new filmmaking framework will be introduced including fun activities like green screen manipulation, applying special effects, storyboarding, and short film production!

The Creator Camp Oscars will be hosted at the end of day-three, where your child will present their favorite film they made over the camp!

Animation Camp

Day 1

Filmmaking 101

On day-one of Filmmaking Camp, students will learn the basics of cinematography, editing, and directing! Students will come up with their own idea, storyboard, learn how to use magical VFX, and shoot sequences. In post-production, they'll edit their movies, add music, and create their own sound effects!

Day 2

Green Screens & Cinema

Day-two is all about green screens, story structure, and collaboration! Students will learn and experiment with green screens for the first time, allowing them to put any background they wish in their films. Then, it’s off to the races making their own films and being as creative as they want!

At the end of day-two, students will make movie posters for their films!

Day 3

Creator Camp Oscars

Day-three is the most exciting day yet! Students will begin by finishing up their films from the previous days. Once they have completed their trailer, movie poster, and film, anticipation will grow for the upcoming Creator Camp Oscars!

When the red carpet rolls out, the animation, filmmaking and YouTuber camps will come together to view each other's masterpieces.

Campers will also receive an Oscar award and goody bag for their hard work!