Ages 8-13

8 Weeks | Multiple Dates

Learn the basics of computer programming and coding language with this creative, hands-on curriculum using microchips!

Key Skills:

  • Computer Oriented Logic

  • Hardware Implementation

  • De-bugging

  • Program Design

  • Creative Problem Solving


A Microchip is a tiny, microcomputer with programmable LEDs, light and temperature sensors, speakers, motion sensors, and wireless communication via radio and Bluetooth. Our hands-on after school course will teach your child the basics of programming, with drag and drop code blocks. Students will create walkie talkies, thermometers, step counters, digital nametags, hand-held games and loads more, creating tangible solutions to real-world problems. By the end of the 8 weeks, each student will be able to bring home their own microchip allowing them to continue to explore the world of interactive technology themselves.

What is a Microchip?

Please note that students will be required to bring their own laptop for this camp, however, we are happy to rent out our laptops for a small upcharge.

weeks 1  - 4

Buttons, Logic, Sensors, and Displays

Using drag and drop coding, students will learn how to control their microchips. By seeing their code affect a real-world device, students will better understand the role programming has in every day life, from stop lights, to speakers to your dishwasher, everything has been programmed using code.

weeks 5 - 8

Games, Lists, Wireless Communication and Variables

Students will explore more advanced concepts, programming their own interactive games and turning their microchips into communication devices. By the end of week 8, the students will all be able to bring home their microchips, with enough knowledge to code it by themselves.