We don't believe in classrooms where students sit down for hours copying notes from a PowerPointWe believe in hands-on, real-world learning where kids have the creative freedom to learn at their own pace. We have worked non-stop to develop our Animation and Film Camps and we can't wait to see you here. Here's our story from the very beginning:

Hi my name is Kai, one of Creator Camps co-founders. In my final year of university, I worked for two afterschool education companies. I had no idea how much I would enjoy teaching students and I loved being a cool teacher, but there was one thing that started to bug me:


In the curriculums I taught, kids would be sat down writing down notes without really realizing the purpose of any of it. It was boring for them, and frankly it was boring to teach. I knew that the kids wanted a hands on, fun project but I was stuck under the umbrella of these "education" companies.

I voiced this to Cazden, Jack and Robbie and I pitched the concept of Creator Camp. A collection of 3-day summer camps, where kids learn by doing. They all hopped on board with the idea and before long we were creating Katy's First premium Animation and Film Camp.

This upcoming summer break we will be hosting our first official summer camps and we can't wait to see you there! We have consulted with professional educators, and have composited an industry-level curriculum with up-to-date course materials that cover the vital foundations of animation and film in an ever engaging and vibrant way. See you here!

Kaisei 1B.jpg
B.A in Animation for Video Games 
Queensland University of Technology
Animation Camp Teacher
Robbie 1D.jpg
B.A in Communications
Texas A&M University
Filmmaking Camp Instructor
Cazden 1C.jpg
B.A in Film
 The University of Texas at Austin
Filmmaking Camp Teacher
Elena 1c.jpg
B.S in Information Technology
Queensland University of Technology
Coding Camp Teacher
B.A in Arts, Technology, and Emerging Communication
The University of Texas at Dallas
Animation Camp Instructor
Emma 1B.jpg
B.A in Film
The University of Texas at Austin
Filmmaking Camp Instructor