I agree to hold Arcadia Studios LLC, its employees and volunteers harmless of any accidents or injuries that occur on our premises as a result of this camp.


Agreement to Adhere to Payment Policies / Procedures: I understand that any registration payment made to Creator Camp is only refundable before the second day of the camp the student is attending. Registration deposit is non-refundable. Sessions must be paid in FULL by the first day of the camp the student is attending. No refunds or credits will be issued to anyone withdrawing once the second day of the session has begun. Cancellations/program withdrawals must be made in writing the Monday prior to the first day of the session.




Campers are entitled to a pleasant and safe environment while participating in this program. The types of behaviors that we expect from participants are as follows: 


• Respect for fellow campers, volunteers, and staff 

• Be responsible for personal belongings 

• Participate in all camp activities 

• Possess positive and caring attitude 

• Follow proper safety procedures while at the lake Camp West cannot serve campers who display unacceptable behavior. 


If campers exhibit any type of behavior which is thought to be unacceptable by a counselor and/or the Camp Director, they will be warned to correct their behavior and a telephone call will be made to their parent or guardian. 




Consent to Medical Care for a Minor

By submitting this form, I hereby authorize Creator Camp, to consent to any medical care and treatment for my child that is recommended by a licensed healthcare provider to whom the Child is presented for treatment. In order to ensure that the Child receives prompt medical care and treatment when necessary, I hereby release any licensed health care provider providing medical care to the Child in reliance of this form from liability relating to such provider's acceptance of my substitute caregiver’s consent.


l) At Creator Camp's reasonable demand you must pay for any damage to the facility and/or equipment or other items supplied by Creator Camp, which at any time may be found to be missing, damaged or damaged beyond repair or destroyed as a result of you or your child or minor action or inaction.