Permission to use image, video, voice, and/or creative work of students and children

Creator Camp (Arcadia Studios LLC) develops teaching, learning and promotional materials and publishes them in print and digitally (e.g. on websites). Students sometimes also publish their own materials on websites (eg school website or other online environments).

By ticking the checkbox on the enrolment form you grant permission for Creator Camp (Arcadia Studios LLC) to create/use:

  1. photographs, video or audio recordings of your child
  2. samples of your child's work
  3. your child's first name and school/preschool/service name

and to distribute them in the following locations:

  1. printed publications (eg newsletters, promotional material)
  2. secure intranet websites
  3. publically accessible websites, including social media accounts

This license is perpetual (forever), irrevocable, free, worldwide, non-exclusive and allows for the replication, distribution, display, performance and remixing of copyrighted work for commercial purposes.

Additional permissions

In addition, you also grant permission for your child to be photographed/recorded:

  1. by external media organizations for publication/broadcast for the camp photographs, both individually and in a group
  2. This media consent form does NOT give us permission to use your child's full name without additional signed and written permission by a parent or guardian.

Note: Where permission is revoked, every effort will be made to remove relevant media from distribution, however this may not be possible or practical in some situations.