Coronavirus Action Plan

We understand that this is a stressful period and hope that the below information helps to clarify what Creator Camp are doing to keep children and staff safe at camp.

Our number one priority at Creator Camp has always been and still is to keep students safe. If at any time we feel that we cannot provide a safe environment we will not continue with the program as planned. 

We have been following Government advice regarding the coronavirus and how schools should operate during this period. We have implemented many new policies and approaches that children will be used to following at their school (listed below). As each Creator Camp venue has a greatly reduced number of children in attendance at camp when compared to a normal school day, we are confident that the procedures rolled out by most schools will be easier to navigate at Creator Camp with the reduced student numbers. 

The following practices will be actioned at all of our holiday camp locations: 

  • Parents/Guardians/Siblings will be asked not to enter the premises. Our Camp Leaders will sign the children at the entrance of the building. Exact drop off locations will be specified 1 week prior to camp.

  • Where possible, desks will be rearranged to provide maximum distancing between each child.

  • iPads will be cleaned with antibacterial wipes at the start and end of each day.

  • Students and staff will be asked to use hand sanitizer throughout the day.

  • Additional soap, sanitizer, wipes and tissues will be available to every student.

  • As usual, we will be adhering to our strict no food or drink sharing policy and, where possible, we will arrange staggered break times. 

  • Our staff have been reminded of the symptoms so they can raise any concerns about students’ or their own well-being.

  • Students will be briefed each day by the Camp Leader so they are reminded of the different measures being put in place.

  • We are constantly keeping up to date with updated Government guidelines to ensure our students remain safe at our camps. If a camp location needs to be postponed, we will reach out to all enrolled parents to discuss alternative locations, credits and refunds for the students. We look forward to seeing your child at camp and if you have any further questions in the meantime, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. 

BYO Device Requirements

Students have the option to either hire a Creator Camp iPad, or to bring one from home.

The iPads being brought just need to meet the following criterion:

  1. Preferably an Apple iPad

  2. Must be able to connect to Wi-Fi networks without restriction

  3. Be reasonably fast and perform well

  4. Shouldn't be more than 4 years old

iPad hire for the duration of camp costs:

  • $35 for a 3-day camp

Does Creator Camp Provide Food?

For the safety of our students with allergies, Creator Camp does not provide food at our camps. We ask that any food that you pack for your child is free from nuts.

There are two break periods throughout each day of camp; morning recess and lunch. Please pack enough food to keep your child energized and alert for the whole day, as if they were attending a regular day at school. And of course, a labelled bottle of water!

Are the kids on laptop/screens all day?
Definitely not! The kids break twice in the day for recess and lunch, during which time they go outside and run around (weather permitting). The classes generally go for 1.5-2 hour blocks so kids can spend some quality time working on their movies!

Our Head Teachers do break up these periods with times when the kids will close the computers to focus on the front of the class, as well as some interactions and brainstorming between the whole class. 

Can I change who collects my child from Creator Camp?
Yes, please let our camp staff know the name and phone number of the person who will be collecting your child, or get in touch with us at creatorcamps@gmail.com.

Can my child sign him/herself out of camp?
We do like to see all parents or guardians before and after the camp day - especially for our younger students. Safety is very important to us and we would just like to be sure they have left with a trusted adult. It is also an opportunity for our staff to discuss anything important with you.

If there is a reason your child needs to sign themselves in and out we just ask that permission be given from the parent or guardian. Please do notify us as soon as possible at creatorcamps@gmail.com

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