Advanced ANIMATION Camp

5 days



Key Skills

Animation Principles
Speed Graphs
Motion Design
Feedback & Criticism
Learn advanced animation frameworks that build upon existing skills. Throughout the camp, you will craft your very own full animation short as well as contribute to a collaborative class-wide animation project.

Optional note: Students are encouraged to bring a tool to take notes with, either a notebook, iPad, or laptop.

Day 1

Animation Principles and Keyframes

On the first day, students will dive into the 12 principles of animation, learn keyframe interpolation, and speed graph manipulation, and discover how physical properties affect the movement of objects. Unleash the power of simplicity in conveying emotions through shapes and motion.

Day 2

Traditional Pose-to-Pose Animation

In this hands-on session, students will record their own reference videos and create dynamic animations for both body and facial expressions through the traditional pose-to-pose technique. They'll learn the art of bringing movements and emotions to life in their animations.

Day 3

Animation Shorts

Students will work on a full 10 - 30-second animation. They are recommended to come in with a story prepared. They can make anything from a short narrative story, explainer video, lyric video, or music visuals.

Day 4

Exquisite Corpse Collaborative Project

In this collaborative session, every student will individually animate a 5-second segment. Together, they'll weave these segments into a mesmerizing montage, creating intricate transitions for a unique and collective masterpiece.

Day 5

Polishing and Reels

The fifth day marks the final leg of their journey, students will individually refine and polish their projects from the preceding days. They will witness their creative evolution as they curate their animation reel, featuring intricate transitions that highlight the depth and finesse of their accomplished work.

They will receive detailed personal feedback from the instructor for each of their animations, all of their working files in a drive, and a stylus.

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5 days
July 8 - 12
$499 for 5 days

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Meet your Mentor

Kai Forman is the co-founder of Creator Camp and holds a degree in animation for video games from the Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane, Australia. He has an impressive background in digital media, having previously operated a popular YouTube channel called "Kai F." This channel attracted 140,000 subscribers and garnered over 100 million total views. Kai's expertise spans motion design, UX design, and 2D animation, making him a highly skilled professional in the field of animation and digital content creation.