Advanced Filmmaking Camp

5 days



Key Skills

Film Production
Editing & Keyframes
Camera Workshop
Elevate your filmmaking passion with our dynamic 5 day camp! Dive deep into every aspect of creating compelling cinema—from scripting and cinematography to directing and post-production. By writing, lighting, shooting, and editing your own short films, you will gain invaluable hands-on experience.

Optional note: Students are encouraged to bring a tool to take notes with, either a notebook, iPad, or laptop.

Day 1

Mindset & Production Workshop

On the first day, independent filmmaker and producer Cazden Morrison will introduce the principles that define a “good” short film. Students will have the opportunity to get acquainted with one another and immediately dive into hands-on workshops focusing on shot composition, lighting, and audio capture.

Day 2

Editing & Producing

On day two, students will do a deep dive on editing, learning the basics of Adobe Premiere Pro, an industry standard editing software, to splice together clips, audio, and music. Students will end the day brainstorming their own short film concepts.

Day 3

Shooting your short film

In this production session, students will either team up or individually come up with a short (3-minute) short film scene to write, shoot, and edit. Students will act in each other's films, and wear multiple hats trying out different positions on set (directing, lighting, audio technician, cinematographer, etc.), ultimately gaining tons of experiential experience.

Day 4

Editing your short film

On day 4, students will complete shooting their films and transition to editing them, learning how to piece together footage in a way that enhances their narrative, as well as adding color correction and music to bring their films to life.

Day 5

Polishing and showcase

The fifth day marks the final leg of the journey, students will individually refine and polish their projects before screening them to the class in a film showcase. They will receive detailed personal feedback from the instructor for their films, and a sheet of information relevant to continue learning and developing their skills as filmmakers. 

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Session 1
July 8 - 12
Session 2
July 15 - 19
$499 for 5 days

Provide a summary of your filmmaking experience, share what you're looking forward to gaining from this camp, and optionally submit a portfolio if you have one.

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Meet your Mentor

Cazden Morrison, a distinguished University of Texas at Austin film program graduate, boasts an impressive career in filmmaking, having collaborated with industry giants like Rooster Teeth, Tesla, and Matthew McConaughey.

With extensive experience pitching to Hollywood producers, Cazden brings a wealth of practical knowledge and industry insights. These two sessions provide an extraordinary opportunity to learn from a seasoned professional and contribute to an exceptional project.

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