3D Game Developers Camp

2 days



Key Skills

Game Design Game mechanics Level Design
Event Triggers Character Design Storytelling
Give your child a strong understanding in game mechanics and 3D level design with this exciting 3D Game Developers camp!

REQUIRED: An iPad with Struckd downloaded is required for this program. Rental option will be available upon enrollment.

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3 Days of learning

Embark on an epic adventure of game development! Unleash your imagination and bring your dream game to life in stunning 3D graphics. Whether you're craving high-speed thrills in a pulse-pounding racing game, or seeking the ultimate showdown between dinosaurs and aliens in a battle royale, the possibilities are endless. With our expert guidance, you'll gain the base knowledge needed to turn video games from mere entertainment into a thrilling creative outlet. So, why simply play games when you can create them and craft a world of your own making? Join us on this exciting journey of game development and let's build something extraordinary together!

Day 1

Racing Games

We'll start by analyzing what makes your favorite games so captivating, exploring how they challenge and reward you at every turn. From there, it's time to unleash your creativity and ideate your very own racing game! Imagine customizing your own world, setting the rules, designing the characters, and crafting the storyline of your wildest dreams.

But the adventure doesn't end there! You'll get to bring your vision to life by building and playing your own personalized game. Think of the excitement of showing off your creation to friends and family, impressing them with your newly acquired game development skills!

Day 2

Action-Survival Games

Delve into creating games that feature epic combat elements and advanced mechanics like event triggers, spawners, inventory systems, and health systems. You'll apply your newfound knowledge to develop your own personalized game, honing your skills as you bring your creative vision to life.

At the end of the program, you'll get to showcase it to fellow campers and see their amazed reactions. We'll even recognize the most outstanding games with special awards, so you can celebrate your hard work.

Day 3

The Creator Camp Oscars


Custom Camp Hat

Student made Videos

Student made Projects

Stickers & Magnets

Oscar Trophy


At Creator Camp, our instructors are dedicated professionals with a deep passion for the creative and technological fields they teach. Each instructor holds relevant degrees and brings a wealth of experience to the camp, as well as a love for teaching kids!


We take immense pride in our 5-star reviews from delighted parents! Families rave about our engaging and innovative programs, the expertise and enthusiasm of our instructors, and the unforgettable experiences their children have at our camps. Join us this summer to see why so many families give us 5 stars!