Minecraft Modders & Coders Camp

2 Days



Key Skills

Coding Fundamentals Problem-solving Teamwork
World Building Creativity Game Mechanics
Learn fundamental coding concepts while unleashing your creativity and having fun creating your own Minecraft mods and mini-games.

NOTE: An iPad is required for this program, if you do not own one, a rental option will be available upon purchase.


3 Days of learning

Each day students will learn key coding concepts such as variables, loops, arrays and functions. Whether it’s making chickens rain from the sky or making a pickaxe that can clear a mountain in one click, your child will be amazed at what a few lines of code can produce.

Day 1

Events, Variables, Coordinates and Loops

Jumping straight into the action, students will learn about events, variables, coordinates and loops with block coding, making awesome mods such as:

  • Making a path of diamonds follow the player
  • Super jump, make your player jump super high
  • Walk on water 
  • Super speed
  • Spawn 100 blocks of TNT
  • Chicken Rain, rain chickens wherever the player walks
  • Mountain Remover, clear massive amounts of blocks with one click

Students will also have the opportunity to be creative and create their own mods that they think up themselves!

Day 2

Functions, Arrays and simple A.I.

Students will build on their current coding knowledge, exploring more complex coding principles such as functions, arrays and even A.I:

  • Spawn an array of animals and monsters
  • Speed up and slow down time
  • Build a house with just code
  • Procedurally generate a road
  • Create an auto-farmer
  • Join other students worlds to test their mods

The program will end with a fun building competition, where the students will be challenged to make an awesome world using the knowledge of programming they have acquired. 

Day 3

The Creator Camp Oscars


Custom Camp Hat

Student made Videos

Student made Projects

Stickers & Magnets

Oscar Trophy

Parents think we're pretty cool.

"This was our second summer sending our kids to Creator Camp. Last year our oldest tried out their animation camp but this summer we went all in and they tried each of the 6 camps offered, they had the best time! The camp staff are extremely welcoming, patient, encouraging and kind. We just wrapped up camp last week and my kids are already talking about what they'll create next summer. Highly recommend!"

- Natalie A. (Parent)


Seriously good instructors.
Like Really.

Our Creator Camp instructors are passionate about sparking creativity and connecting with campers, making learning fun and engaging. They create a supportive environment that boosts confidence and nurtures each student's creative growth. Their positive influence is clear in our campers' enthusiasm and progress, shaping the next generation of creative minds.