Minecraft Redstone Engineers Camp

2 days



Key Skills

Engineering Circuit Design Resource Management
Team Building Precision Building Logical Reasoning
Empower your child's creativity and engineering prowess at Minecraft Redstone Camp—where virtual innovation meets practical learning!

NOTE: An iPad is required for this program, if you do not own one, a rental option will be available upon purchase.


3 Days of learning

Each Day, your child is immersed in hands-on redstone projects, from crafting intricate contraptions to designing functional circuits. Each build introduces new skills, cultivating expertise in creating impressive redstone mechanisms. With a focus on circuitry, automation, and precision building, the camp nurtures a deep understanding of Minecraft's engineering potential, empowering participants to innovate and keep on building.

Day 1

Minecraft Engineering Concepts

On day 1 of Minecraft Redstone Camp, your child will uncover the fascinating parallels between Redstone and real-world electricity. Without even realizing it, they'll delve into the realms of electrical engineering while crafting circuits to create their own fireworks displays, TNT traps, arrow shooters, and automatic doors.

Day 2

Mastering Redstone

On day 2 of our Minecraft Redstone Camp, students deepen their immersion in the world of engineering. Delving into new challenges, they'll create an exhilarating ice boat race, complete with a functional race timer. Next, they'll grasp the importance of sustainable resource management by establishing a wool farm. To conclude the day's adventures, students will engineer a captivating minecart roller coaster, inviting friends to join in the thrilling ride!

Day 3

The Creator Camp Oscars


Custom Camp Hat

Student made Videos

Student made Projects

Stickers & Magnets

Oscar Trophy

Parents think We're pretty cool

"This was our second summer sending our kids to Creator Camp. Last year our oldest tried out their animation camp but this summer we went all in and they tried each of the 6 camps offered, they had the best time! The camp staff are extremely welcoming, patient, encouraging and kind. We just wrapped up camp last week and my kids are already talking about what they'll create next summer. Highly recommend!"

Natalie A.


Seriously Good Instructors, Like Really

At Creator Camp, our instructors bring a passion for creativity and an exceptional ability to connect with our campers, making learning both enjoyable and engaging. Their patience and encouragement help create a positive and supportive environment, crucial for boosting the confidence of young creators. Our dedicated instructors are committed to nurturing the creative growth of each student, and their impact is evident in the enthusiasm and progress of our campers. We are proud of the hard work and positive influence our instructors have in shaping the next generation of creative minds.