YouTube Creators Camp




Key Skills

Vlogging Gaming Videos Motion Graphics
Branding Video Editing Sound Editing
Give your child a strong foundation in online content creation in digital platforms with this YouTube Creators Camp!
NOTE: An iPad is required for this camp, if you do not own one, a rent option will be available upon purchase.
Disclaimer: Due to privacy risks, students will not be publishing their videos to YouTube during the camp, instead, all videos will be shared to parents. It is up to you if you would like to let your child publish their videos to YouTube after the camp.





Each day, a relevant YouTube skill will be introduced; including gaming videos, vlogs, reaction videos, skits, and more. Students will learn how to make media for the 21st century, with a focus on the entire creative process as students create digital content for their own YouTube Channels, developing skills in editing, branding, and screen presence.

Animation Camp

Day 1

Brand Creation & Gaming Videos

On this opening day, students will learn how to make their very own gaming videos using iPads. Just like real YouTubers, students will design their own branded shirts that they will be able to wear for the rest of camp as well as designing their own channel art, intros, and icons.

Students will come away with their very own YouTube video by the end of the day, ready to share with friends and family.

Day 2

Skits & Reaction Videos

Armed with previous day's knowledge, students will learn more editing techniques such as comedic usage of cuts, transitions and motion graphics. The students will team up in small groups to make entertaining skits and reaction videos, making two videos in one day!

Day 3

Vlogs, Channel Trailers, the Creator Camp Oscars

To round off the camp, students will be vlogging their last day and creating trailers to promote their channels. Each student will also pick their favorite video that they made to be shown at the Creator Camp Oscars, a mock Oscars film festival where all three camps will come together to view each other's movies.

Each students will have an opportunity to win a special Oscar trophy in their own category and receive a special parting gift for all their hard work!